This is the time that you will want someone you know and trust to care for you. My aim is to help and support you with your choices and to keep you and your partner informed of progress wherever you decide to deliver.

I believe in informed choice. I am happy to deliver you at home, where I can practice in my full capacity as a midwife or be with you in hospital where my role will be as support and advocate.

If you are unsure of where you want to deliver your baby, with me caring for you, you have the flexibility of making your mind up as labour progresses to either deliver at home if you are happy doing so or go in to hospital if you feel it is the right thing for you.

As you would have met my colleague in the antenatal period you will have two midwives you know if you deliver at home.

After the baby is born I will stay with you for a few hours to make sure that you feel reassured before I leave.

You will be given a T.E.N.S machine at 37 weeks to be used in labour. I bring with me Gas and Air should you wish to use it, also all the necessary equipment to ensure you have a safe delivery.

If you wish to have a water birth you will need to hire your own pool. I am happy to give you information on pool hire.